Reduce compliance effort by 70%

Cut months of unnecessary effort and save up to 70% on bringing your internal security and compliance program in line with international standards using the SaaSAssurance solution.

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Easily manage compliance for multiple sites globally

Centrally manage compliance for 100s of sites centrally with one easy to use portal,
allowing the Security and Compliance function work efficiently as a centralised service.

of assets

How can you build a security and compliance strategy if you don't know what you have. Remove the need for many spreadsheets and log inventory in a standard way centrally


Reduce the time and pain dramatically in building, sharing and signing off on policies, allowing multiple stakeholders to work on policy creation centrally and locally at the same time.

Risk based

Calculate risk to assets using international standards with a very simple and intuitive but powerful risk assessment solution coupled with workflow engine


Begin with an asset and end up with a full risk assessment and presentation area for the auditor to view and audit site evidence / or begin with some policy guidelines and end with a completely signed off group of policies


Bring everything the auditor needs to one place, therefore allowing the audit to happen centrally with no need to travel, reducing time and cost overhead


Transition from your internal security and compliance program to become compliant with internationally recognised standards seamlessly by following the protocol of these standards using the solution.

No local specialisation

Eliminate the need to have specialisation onsite when each site's Security and Compliance detail can be accessed centrally and decisions can be made with useful insights and detailed information

Integrate to
management systems

As the solution is enterprise level and sits on top of SharePoint and Microsoft SQL it integrates well and extends to become an excellent Business Management System (BMS)

Effective training

Deliver effective training that is produced to plug the gap between corporate training and the real world.


Available Everywhere Anytime

Our modern web based interface allows access to your compliance solution from multiple devices.

SaaSAssurance is both available as a hosted SaaS solution and an on-premise solution.

Built by Security Standards Experts

We built SaaSAssurance based on years of experience implementing and managing compliance projects

The SaaSAssurance team consists of internationally recognised experts in cloud standards and government cloud initiatives. Read the article our CEO wrote in eForensics Magazine, recognised and republished here by BSI.

Information Security Standards Experts

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